Micro Grid

A micro grid or isolated grid, is a set of electricity generators and possibly energy storage systems interconnected to a distribution network that supplies electricity to a localized communities that may not have access to grid for many years. Often, micro grid involve multiple energy sources like solar, wind, water or fuel as a way of incorporating renewable power. It operates independently from the main power grid.


  • Economic empowerment through micro industry
  • Provision of portable water.
  • It takes shorter time to install compared to grid that can take years depending on distance from source.
  • Reliable and interruptible means of power

7KW Inverter System

6KWp Photovoltaic Array

Mini Grid

A mini grid is a renewable embedded system in urban and rural communities which is deployed in these places to provide reliable power supply and also to cut down on electricity consumption from the grid. A mini grid system can also be tied to the grid.


  • Possibilities of uninterruptible power supply
  • Can be used to reduce tariff
  • Enhancing economic growth
  • It can also sell power to the grid