1. Nigerian in Diaspora Alumni Network (NIDAN) – Member
  2. Energy Commission of Nigeria (ECN) – Partnership
  3. Rural Electrification Agency of Nigeria (REA) – Partnership
  4. Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) – Recognized
  5. American Solar Energy Society (ASES) – Member
  6. Sokoto Energy Research Centre (SERC) – Recognized
  7. Solar Energy Society of Nigeria (SESN) – Award Recipient
  8. Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – Partnership
  9. Bank of Industry Accredited System Developer
  10. Bank of Industries (BOI)

Some Organizations WE HAVE worked for
  1. Julius Berger
  2. Energy Commision of Nigeria (ECN)
  3. Millenium Development Goals (MDGs)
  4. Akwa Ibom State Government
  5. Federal Capital Development Agency (FCDA)
  6. United Bank for Africa (UBA)
  7. Presidential Initiative for the North-East (PINE)
  8. Secretary to the State Government (SGF)
  9. Abuja Investment Company
  10. University of Calabar
  11. Federal Ministry of Power
  12. Rural Electrifications Agency of Nigeria (REA)
  13. Jamec West Africa Limited
  14. Risu Nigeria Limited
  15. Federal Ministry of Works
  16. IIC Construction Company Limited
  17. Equitel Resources Limited
  18. D’Jes Enterprises Limited.
  19. Mobile Associates and Technology Limited
  20. Wamela Nigeria Limited
  21. Royaltech Management and Technology Limited
  22. Ceylon Construction Company Limited
  23. Ama Prince Nigeria Limited
  24. Moskelly Service Limited
  25. Kaduna State Government

Solar Force Nigerian Trained Installers

Solar Force Sales and Marketing car